my own tiny forest house

We already told you about the tiny house trend…it started in the USA but we have to say, in the Netherlands it is growing very fast. More and more people want to live in a different way, with more nature, less footprint and lower costs.
I can personally say that I understand this trend very well. I have been living in cities for some decades now, and my partner and I sometimes miss nature. Last year I came across  a forest with a small house on it, and we decided to buy that! 

In the Netherlands we have lots of rules and it is not possible to live in our forest house, but it is so good to be there.  After busy weeks mostly working in cities or big stores, and driving a lot, I always try to plan a day extra in the forest house. It is just very quiet there and I love that. Planting a tree, seeing it grow is special for me. Seeing birds and sometimes deer or a fox, it always makes me happy…
I think everybody, creative people especially, needs nature. I feel we are very lucky to have this special place. Below you’ll find the pictures I made of our house and interior, hope you’ll enjoy!

Of course, the little house did not look like this when we bought it. It was quite dark inside, even with the large windows. So we painted the ceiling in white, to make it appear a little higher than it is. On the outside, the window frames and roof side were white, we made these dark to make the building blend into the forest more. We also painted the concrete floor.
We used poplar plywood for the inside walls and sheep wool to isolate the building.

Of course, I designed a (mostly) sustainable interior for the forest house. We made a bench below the windows that has a lot of storage. If you want to take a nap, the bench can be turned into a bed. This bench is made out of sustainable plywood. The matress covers I made of leftover fabric or vintage army blankets and the cushions are of our own label LOUDCLOUD. Also the tables, accessories and wall shelves are from our shop. The wall sticker of the tree and birds is of Kek Amsterdam and the rotan chair of HK living.  The sheep hide in the chair is of City sheep. All other items we already owned, got from friends & family or bought second hand. Do you like what you see? At the bottom of this blog you will find a link to all items in our shop.

We made the kitchen of an old army chest(below on the left) and an old metal case that was used in a workshop combined with IKEA Kungsbacka sustainable cupboards. These are made of recycled wood and recycled PET bottles. The cupboards have 40 cm depth and are normally used to hang above your sink but here we did not have the space to use 60 cm cupboards and used the top ones below. We do not have tap water so we do not need a tap; for cooking and drinking we use water that we bring from home and for all other things we can use ground water.

For lighting we use candles, a vintage oil lamp and a Waka waka. For cooking we use a vintage (camping) gas stove that we got from a friend. Recently we put a new wood burner in the house, one that is made in Siberia, and now the forest house is also comfortable in winter…above the pictures I made just after the snow storm a month ago.
What do you think of our tiny house? Do you love it as much as I do? x

Via this link you will find all LOUDCLOUD items used in my forest house.