op het dak

A while ago (when it was still sunny  and warm outside :))I made a trip to Rotterdam to see a friend and visit some concept stores. We had lunch at a restaurant with garden located at the rooftop of big building het Schieblock near the Central Station. I visited this restaurant some years before, when it was in a developing stage and open occasionally. I instantly loved it then and I still do! Op het dak is a very special place; the location is wonderful, it is a bit surreal to find yourself in the middle of a garden when in the center of such a big city like Rotterdam….

The mission of the restaurant is to serve drinks and food that is clean, simple and local. Many ingredients come from their own garden.
They do not have an extensive menu, but always a good & fresh menu that focuses on the season with products from their own garden and from farmers and producers in the region.

Op Het Dak has 45 seats inside, a wooden terrace with outdoor seats overlooking the garden which grows organic vegetables, edible flowers, herbs and is home to a bee farm. So if you are in Rotterdam, be sure to visit!
They have winterbreak until March so check their website first.