colour inspiration No. 2

Colour inspiration can be found everywhere: on the street, while travelling, in nature, art or fashion…in this blog a neutral colour palette inspired by a snowy landscape… Nature gives us a lot of inspiration! If you look closely at the colours and colour combinations that you find in nature, you can easily use that to create your own interior colour palette. For example this palette inspired by a snowy landscape I saw in France last year.

I chose the colours from the fairf collection that we like very much. Fairf is a Rotterdam based sustainable paint brand. They have a selection of beautiful colours with funny names and you can order free colour samples, your paint & painting materials online:)

But how do you use this colour palette it in your interior? In this blog I would like to explain this a bit more. You can choose 5 colours from a picture you like, then select 2 or 3  for the main colours. These you can use for walls, floor or other big items such as a bed or sofa. The other colours you can use to create contrast with cushions, lighting and accessories. I can image a bedroom with one wall in the colour paul, all other walls in marjolijn and a closet painted with olivier.

So when walking in the forest or fields I am always looking at colours and colour combinations….and so will you after reading this blog 🙂