op het dak

A while ago (when it was still sunny  and warm outside :))I made a trip to Rotterdam to see a friend and visit some concept stores. We had lunch at a restaurant with garden located at the rooftop of big building het Schieblock near the Central Station. I visited this restaurant some years before, when it was in a developing stage and open occasionally. I instantly loved it then and I still do!

Sustainable treehouse in France

What does sleeping in a sustainable treehouse with view of the Mont Blanc sound like?

Last June I visited France where my brother-in-law Michel and his family have a camping site. I just love to be here. My favorite spot is behind their house sitting on the rocks and looking out over just nothing but nature and mountains.

Camping Buitenland

With ‘Camping Buitenland’, in one of the most beautiful areas of Drenthe, five friends, including Floortje Dessing, will shape their Buitenland dream in the coming years. Camping Buitenland is located on a 9 hectare site, just below Nieuw-Amsterdam between a swimming lake and a forest.