experimenteren & fun in Milaan: Mini living

De komende tijd zullen we regelmatig een blog posten over ons bezoek aan de Salone del Mobile in Milaan vorige maand. We bezoeken deze beurs al jaren en komen altijd geïnspireerd terug! Dit jaar vonden we onder andere het concept van automerk Mini erg goed. Mini living – built by all. was een toffe en interactieve expo over de manier waarop we wonen en onze ruimte gebruiken. Mini vertaalde hierbij hun principe, het creatief omgaan met ruimte, naar interieur…over experimenteren, delen en spelen, over op andere manieren samen leven in een stad. 

my own tiny forest house

We already told you about the tiny house trend…it started in the USA but we have to say, in the Netherlands it is growing very fast. More and more people want to live in a different way, with more nature, less footprint and lower costs.
I can personally say that I understand this trend very well. I have been living in cities for some decades now, and my partner and I sometimes miss nature. Last year I came across  a forest with a small house on it, and we decided to buy that! 

op het dak

A while ago (when it was still sunny  and warm outside :))I made a trip to Rotterdam to see a friend and visit some concept stores. We had lunch at a restaurant with garden located at the rooftop of big building het Schieblock near the Central Station. I visited this restaurant some years before, when it was in a developing stage and open occasionally. I instantly loved it then and I still do!

Super Supermarket Milan 2017

During our visit to the 2017 Milan Design Week, we stumbled upon a very special supermarket. There are shelves, there is merchandise and there are shopping baskets. But a closer look reveals that the products are neither edible nor usable in a traditional sense.

Shelter suits at Milan design week

‘ We believe we can change the world together’

After meeting some people of Sheltersuit already during the Dutch Design week, we were surprised to see them again and now during the design week in Milan. We spoke to Youp, who enthusiastically told us their story.

Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen is a Dutch fashion designer specialised in wearable technology. As a creator intrigued by the notion of interactivity in fashion, she researches the human body in relation to its surroundings. She is fascinated by concepts of change, movement, energy and perception, as she believes the future of fashion lies in its premise to be dynamic and changing.