op het dak

A while ago (when it was still sunny  and warm outside :))I made a trip to Rotterdam to see a friend and visit some concept stores. We had lunch at a restaurant with garden located at the rooftop of big building het Schieblock near the Central Station. I visited this restaurant some years before, when it was in a developing stage and open occasionally. I instantly loved it then and I still do!

Vertical farming, urban agriculture and a floating farm

At present, our food system is inefficiently organized. Our food travels many kilometers, uses a lot of water, is wasted and pollutes the environment. Nevertheless, the 7 billion inhabitants, often living in large cities, must be fed. In order to do this in a sustainable way, food production must be integrated into the urban infrastructure for a significant part. Food flats and urban agriculture are important alternatives to this.


What is the DJ100?

The Sustainable Young 100 gives an overview of Dutch young entrepreneurs, young professionals and students who demonstrate that a sustainable future is possible. These pioneers are a source of inspiration for each other and for the established order! Anyone under the age of 32 can register. Every year, a jury of 10 will choose the 100 most inspiring young initiatives.

Robuust zero waste shop

Loudcloud visited Robuust, the first packaging free store in Belgium. Robuust tackles the problem of waste at the root by taking packaging out of the production process. This allows them to save natural resources, decrease the amount of CO2 produced, decrease the amount of leftovers and overall waste bags. Moreover, as locally produced goods are always their first choice, it stimulates local economy. Being the first store in Belgium with this concept, Robuust wants to actively show clients how a sustainable lifestyle can be fun, time-saving, cost-effective and generally refreshing.