What is the DJ100?

The Sustainable Young 100 gives an overview of Dutch young entrepreneurs, young professionals and students who demonstrate that a sustainable future is possible. These pioneers are a source of inspiration for each other and for the established order! Anyone under the age of 32 can register. Every year, a jury of 10 will choose the 100 most inspiring young initiatives.

Sustainable treehouse in France

What does sleeping in a sustainable treehouse with view of the Mont Blanc sound like?

Last June I visited France where my brother-in-law Michel and his family have a camping site. I just love to be here. My favorite spot is behind their house sitting on the rocks and looking out over just nothing but nature and mountains.

3 sustainable designs of everyday products

As the state of the environment becomes an ever-pressing issue, designers are developing eco-friendly alternatives to all sorts of products. Nowadays, you also see that the bigger brands and companies are developing more sustainable products. Of course, we are very happy with this! We made a list of 3 inspiring examples of eco-friendly design.

Camping Buitenland

With ‘Camping Buitenland’, in one of the most beautiful areas of Drenthe, five friends, including Floortje Dessing, will shape their Buitenland dream in the coming years. Camping Buitenland is located on a 9 hectare site, just below Nieuw-Amsterdam between a swimming lake and a forest.

earth matters textielmuseum

The Textielmuseum is one of my favourite musea and when they host an expo about sustainable design & innovation I of course want to visit…the exhibition is curated by Lidewij Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano. They see the exhibition as “their chance to bring together designers and artists that are investigating new ways of producing ideas; innovative thinkers that are able to turn around our mentality, progressive people that develop a body of work that leads the way to another world in the making – creating a horizon of hope” Just what we need!

Bicycle Hotel Lillestrøm by Various Architects

Norway has set ambitious targets for environmental and sustainable future. An increasing number of railway stations will now have a bicycle hotel, to promote the use of bicycles. On Monday 10 October 2016 the Lillestrøm Bicycle Hotel opened in the city that has been frequently voted Norway ́s best cycling city.

colour inspiration No. 1

Colour inspiration can be found everywhere: on the street, while travelling, in nature, art or fashion…these pictures I made during travel in beautiful Andalusia.