Hello! we are loudcloud, community and shop for conscious design

the name

loud [loud] BN • attention, awareness
cloud [kloud] ZN  • environment
loudcloud [loudkloud] ZN • conscious interior label

we are

passionate about design & interior
aware of current production methods
convinced of the necessity to change
positive that things can be different
that’s why we created LOUDCLOUD

Ester & Heidi


the shop

We labelled the collection as follows:

  • Re-using existing products might be the most ecological way of designing. Not only, a new and honest product is created, also the existing product is not thrown away.
  • We believe that too many beautiful products are created in the Netherlands, to just always look abroad.  Loudcloud buys from and cooperates with Dutch designers. The products are produced either by the designer him- /herself or somewhere else in the Netherlands. This way, we not only stimulate the Dutch economy and make sure we keep the margins at the right places, being with the designers and producers, but we also help minimizing the CO2 emission.
  • We believe that honest business is the key behind sustainable economic development. The people that make our products can work in good conditions and get a fair pay. Our partners work according to the labour standards of the Fair Wear foundation.
  • The production processes and materials have been chosen in a way that there is a minimum disadvantage for the environment and the lives of people now and in the future.  For instance, we work with bio cotton, ecological wood and biodegradable inks.

Have a look in our shop, you’ll see that each product fits in one or more categories. You can also start with our trends to get inspired by the many product possibilities & combinations.

loudcloud label

Loudcloud label is a conscious interior label. For Loudcloud label we either design the products ourselves or work with Dutch designers. Nature is a big inspiration source for us, we love to use patterns and shapes that are somehow linked to nature. The Loudcloud label products are produced locally and in a sustainable way. They are of high quality and often multifunctional.

In the shop we sell Loudcloud label and other brands.

the blog

Next to our collection, there are many inspiring initiatives we would like to share with you. We blog about design, hotspots, sustainability & more. Please feel free to post a comment or send us an email. Also if you would like to write something as a guest blogger or if you come across interesting content, please let us know!


Trends in shape, colour and material follow each other more quickly every year. On social media such as Pinterest you see one inspiring picture after another. But how do you use these trends in your own interior? Preferably without buying something new every month.

Because of our background and experience in the fields of interior design, trend visualization and product development, we can offer you something extra:  we regularly visualize the new trends just to inspire you.

With the trend photography we visualize the various possibilities to create a completely different atmosphere with good basic items. Click to browse through our trends, and pick the one that appeals to you most.

the people

Are you wondering who the people behind Loudcloud are? well… we are Dutch sisters Ester and Heidi. We were raised living in a semi urban area, but with great respect for nature. Our parents often travelled to the mountains with us and we still love to do that ourselves. The pure nature of countries such as Iceland, Tibet, Mongolia and Norway really made a big impression on us. We feel as humans we have an important role in protecting this nature.
For over 15 years, Ester has been working in the field of product development and Heidi in interior design and styling. For some years we have had the wish to work together, because we believe our skills would complement each other. For us this is a logical and natural step to take, we are working and creating with passion and hope we can inspire you.

thanx to

Many people have helped realizing Loudcloud: thank you Sebastiaan, John, Lobke, Janne, Manon, Katja, Barry, Wendy and Marieke.